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About Us

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It started with a month-long trip to Europe that almost went terribly, horribly wrong.   After a totally great stay in London (at the Kensington Earl Court), we travelled over to Paris, where we made the terrible mistake of booking a hotel on a major travel website that required pre-paying without ever seeing the room.  Big mistake!  Huge!   If we had read the reviews, we would have known that some guests called this particular hotel “an ancient wooden building, possibly the loudest place I have ever been in my life.”

Not knowing what was in store for us, we arrived late, tried to crash, and were awakened by some of the loudest door slamming, downstairs restaurant noise, and people yelling at the bar across the street we had ever heard.  Unfortunately, the hotel said that this was “the quietest room they had,” and besides, we had pre-paid so they had absolutely no reason to help us.

Four days (and about as many hours of sleep) later, we were both sick and exhausted, and were seriously considering calling off the trip, all because of what we deemed the “Hotel Slam!”

Determined to solve this problem (for ourselves and others), we started doing extensive research/ reading many reviews on the hotels where we were to arrive next (Berlin), and we discovered that the answers actually ARE out there—you just have to know where to look.   We managed to find a wonderful hotel in Berlin where we stayed (quiet) for ten days, our vacation was saved, and we’ve been using our checklist/ system to get quiet rooms ever since.

The bottom line is this:  sleep and rest are important to your vacation, and you need to know what you’re getting into, especially when you’re far from home.  We keep a running list of awesome hotels and spas so you can travel confidently and have a great trip.